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Welcome to The Ant Can

How many times do you hear someone say:

"Do you know where I can find someone who can...?",

...now they can find an Ant that can help.

Everyone has a skill or a talent that could be useful to someone else.
Many people need help but don't know how to find it.

Whether you are looking for someone to do the ironing, a house cleaner, mechanic, gardener or solicitor, The Ant Can is the directory that connects people who need the help with people who have the skills.
It is not a business-to-business directory like www.yell.com or www.thomsonlocal.com; we believe it is the first consumer-to-consumer directory on the net.

Worker Ants are people who have skills they provide part time, are sole traders or very small companies, and this site is completely free to them. Businesses can also list on the site so that anyone looking for help can find them too. Once registered, both Worker Ants and Businesses can add any number of listings, across various categories.

The Ant Can helps people promote what they can do, generate higher rankings and most importantly, find new customers.

Most people are feeling the pinch due to the problems with the global economy; unfortunately government stimulus packages don't filter down to people on the street. The only way to lift ourselves out of recession is by taking control and generating more for ourselves - this is why we created theantcan.com and it is why it is free to Worker Ants, so that together, by using our Ant-ics, we can build an Ant-hill to move the "Rubber-Tree Plant" of recession... We also know that charities are hit hard during recession; we intend to help them too by making donations from profits we make at www.theantcan.com.

Take a look through the site to find an Ant with the skills you need, or better still register and become an Ant and list the skills you have, and remember:

It's not who you know, it's who knows you!

But what's behind our name? Click here to find out why we are The Ant Can.

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